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Ship chandler services play a vital role in the maritime industry, providing essential supplies and support to vessels during their time at sea or while docked at ports. Ship chandlers are specialized suppliers who cater to the diverse needs of ships and their crews. Their services cover a wide range of provisions, equipment, and supplies necessary for the smooth operation and welfare of a ship.

Ship chandlers typically offer a comprehensive selection of items, including food and beverages, spare parts, safety equipment, cleaning supplies, fuel and lubricants, and even luxury items for crew members. They ensure that ships are well-stocked with fresh provisions, including groceries, fresh water, and other consumables, as well as necessary supplies for maintenance and repairs. Ship chandlers are known for their ability to source and deliver items promptly, often working around the clock to meet the demands of the shipping industry.

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Marine & Safety Equipment

Marine equipment service plays a crucial role in ensuring the safe and efficient operation of maritime assets, as well as maximizing their lifespan and minimizing downtime.

Mechanical & Electrical

Mechanical and electrical services in the maritime industry encompass the maintenance, repair, and support of mechanical and electrical systems and equipment on ships, and other marine installations.

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General Supplier

General supplier services involve the provision of a wide range of products and services to meet the diverse needs of customers.


Contractor services involve the hiring of a professional or company to carry out specific tasks or projects.

Work Safety Equipment

Work Safety Equipment services encompass the provision, maintenance, and support of safety equipment and gear.

Retail Procurement

Procurement specializing in direct sales of products or services to consumers.

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